Social CRM and bad customer service

This is an interesting infographic about customer service from the Get Satisfaction blog.  With the rise of social media customer service is becoming a key part of conversations I have with most clients who want to add a customer service engagement framework into their social media activities.  Without a framework, you can quickly become the ‘uncaring business’.  without a mechanism to help, your customers will move on.

The bottom line is you need to keep your customers happy.  Engage with them in the way that they want to engage.  If you’re not listening to them, then they will go elsewhere.  Makes sure that they are happy with the service that they give you.  They will go elsewhere if you don’t.  If you provide good customer service – then you’ll retain customers.  Ignore your customers and they will move on to another provider.

Make sure that your social media engagement framework has your customer service component closely tied into it.  if you work in the financial industry, then make sure your terms of engagement follow regulatory and compliance procedures at your company.  Do all halfeyou can to keep your customers happy.  Go above and beyond to make them loyal.

And they will spread the word on your behalf and get you other loyal and engaged followers / fans / customers…


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