Daily Archives: April 8, 2011

The art of Self Promotion

I really identified with Sally’s post on Forbes the other week about how bad women are at marketing themselves.  We are truly dreadful at self promotion aren’t we?


Image credit: Flickr

Women like to do a great job, and expect to be recognised for it.  They’re not really good at promoting their skills in the workplace.  They prefer others to market their skills for them.  They hope that the respect of others will give them advancement in their careers.

That’s why social media is so useful for women like these.  We can sell ourselves online, showcase our skills and abilities online on LinkedIn, blog our thought leadership work and provide white papers, slide decks and documents for download.  With amazing networks and connections, keeping  your profile fresh and people up to date with what you’re doing goes a long way to making sure that you’re top of mind – in case someone wants / needs your information.  Keeping things fresh will get you calls, comments and connections.  Here are my tips.

  • Have a great summary of your experience on LinkedIn.  Use the appropriate terms that people will search for when looking for expertise that matches your area
  • Write a slide deck for each of your specialist areas.  Upload these to Slideshare.  You want folks to know that you really know what you’re talking about.  Put just enough information on each slide so that folks want MORE – and get in touch with you. 
  • Use relevant buzzwords to tag and title your presentation in Slideshare – so people can find your decks when they are searching for information. 
  • Write white papers, how to’s and leadership documents.
  • Store these leadership pieces on scribd.com for easy downloads.
  • Make sure the front page of each of the documents has ‘your’ brand – your face on it… you want to be known for your expertise in these areas.
  • Point them to your white papers and pdf’s using links in the presentation – and put your contact details on the deck.
  • Every time you upload a slide deck to Slideshare,  link to it from your blog
  • Add the slideshare presentations widget to your linkedin profile – and your blog
  • Write thought leadership pieces on each of  your knowledge areas and blog about them and also the link to the document repository on Scribd. 

All of these ideas will give you online visibility.  Everything is linked to each other, everything draws black to your expertise and visibility as a credible expert.  Anyone looking for you will see that you really do know what you’re talking about.

Online self promotion requires far less effort and will bring results in from new areas. Try it and see…