Daily Archives: April 13, 2011

Convert your Facebook profile to a business page

Now this is useful to all of the Facebook early adopters and small businesses who have built up their business reputation by having lots of Facebook friends.  Facebook pages are a recent addition to the Facebook marketing stable and some small businesses have been reluctant to jump to a page with the potential loss of friends / customers.

Well there’s now a solution…

Facebook now have a Profile to Business page migration wizard.  All your friends will convert into Fans who like your page.  Your profile pictures will move across too and your login account becomes a business account which is the Administrator of the new page.


These business accounts mean that you’ll now be able to run ad campaigns and track success of your campaigns.  Pages are easy to administer, add new Admins and modify with Facebook Markup Language (FBML) to get a more dynamic looking site.

And if you’ve made an error in converting, you can always apply to change back to an ordinary profile page again…

Have a look at the FAQ’s on the Help Centre before you get going though… It looks complicated enough to reverse back to your ordinary personal profile again

More information on the Inside Facebook blog…