Daily Archives: April 22, 2011

Gaming geeks and Dating

So Twitter doesn’t satisfy your flirting urges and Facebook isn’t taking your chatter to the next level?  Here are some dating sites – exclusively for geeks that I found over on the Centre Networks blog.  I particularly like the Sweet on Geeks site and I love the Gamer Dating site (screenshot below)


Why do I like it?

Well true to gaming form, Gamers use avatars on their profile for you to fall in love with.  Its also interesting to note – that the members who have uploaded real photos of themselves seem to have much higher ‘view’ stats than those who haven’t posted an image or uploaded an avatar.

But its good to know that there is a site that actually focuses on Gamers finding partners who are heavily involved with gaming too – instead of being nagged constantly to get away from the xBox and back to the family Smile

Rest of the list here: