Daily Archives: April 6, 2011

Adding Questions and Polls to Facebook

There’s a lot more user functionality in Facebook – and brands are taking full advantage of this change to connect with their customers.  Recently they have added a new Questions icon to their status updates.  Here’s an example of a brand using this to connect: *** Update – and 2500 folks voted for this poll***


You can find this feature in your news feed.  Its known as Question:


Type your question and click the Add Poll Options link

Customise your potential Poll answers:


These questions are much more public than Status updates just shared in your feed.  You share the question with your own friends who could share it with their own friends.  Theoretically anyone in Facebook could see your question…

You can see the answers they have given…


A nice way to poll your network of friends.  A good way for brands to find out what their customers REALLY want.  Great social interaction and good engagement which could be open to abuse if folks don’t read the warning when you initially post the questions.

Looking forward to seeing how B2C brands use this – and creating my own questions for my friends to answer…