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Getting a positive ROI on social media activities


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I’ve talked about Dell lots of times in the past – they get several mentions in my book about their social media activities and their positive responses to customer issues and queries.  At a recent BlogWell session in Texas, Adam Brown, the director of Social Media shares some of his insights about how Dell uses social media to truly connect with its customers



Adam talks about how businesses are changing by the pioneering efforts of the social media marketers.  How our roles are changing into a multidisciplinary set of different tasks and how social media changes the way we work.  In these difficult times, when companies have no budget, social media and their tools must deliver a positive ROI.  If you need to run a project, you need to prove the ROI and demonstrate that it was worth it.

Dell have a need to drive repeat business, drive visitors to their site and lowering support costs.  They have a really strong community and set of support sites – like their ideastorm site which is full of user generated content and ideas

Dell increase their reach using link love – on Facebook and Twitter.  Social Commerce is a huge thing for Dell this year and wants to achieve the impact both from a B2B and B2C environment.  As social media impacts every part of Marketing, Dell see a correlation between customers visiting  their tech centres , discussing the products and subsequently buying product.

Social media should be an integral part of brand building and activities done on social media, impacts the brand, the products and the way that Dell interact with customers and consumers.  Social media impacts everything that social media can do.  From product development with idea storm – to graduate recruitment

The way that people talk about your brand is very different from the way that you talk about your brand.  Go and engage with them where they are.  Tools embedded in Facebook can bring value to the overall experience.  Ratings on content means that you can add value to the user generated content – you get credibility for the content – and this leads to sales.  YouTube content leads directly to sales of product – Adam calls this "purposeful edu-tainment"  The content has to be entertaining and educational too.

Dell have a 24 x 7 Command centre – which demonstrates how important their social media connection is to the company.  They listen to the conversations taking place about the company around the world.  They find that credible advocates get a much better response to their conversations than a Marketing or PR person.  They train employees in how to use the popular social media tools like LinkedIn, Facebook and other media – so that they know how to get the best out of their conversations

And they make sure that they’re listening to the customer – to get the best response possible and the best engagement.  They really are making a great effort which is delivering some great results…

There’s some more information about the talk is on Andys blog and if you’re working in the enterprise with all of the associated challenges you have, then this is video is a good investment of your time…