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Working The Crowd interview

Working the Crowd Layout:Layout 1I did an interview for Interviewfest the other week and my comments have just been published on their site in the Technology section.  They asked me some fantastic questions which really made me think, so I’ve copied the interview here.  Many thanks to Jennie and Sabrina for finding me and putting these interview questions together.

Working the Crowd: Social Media Marketing for Business highlights the obvious to doing business today, is there any crucial information one can overlook when looking through the book?

All social media activities take an investment in time which can sometimes swamp staff who have demanding job roles. Often this is overlooked when planning social media implementations and one member of the implementation team can quickly become overloaded with work. The tasks should be spread amongst several people in the group

What sparked your interest to writing the book?

I wanted to create a practical handbook with steps you through the tasks required to create your social media strategy and implement it successfully and achieve a measurable Return on Investment (ROI) . I also wanted to include social media examples from brands that exists outside of the US, giving the book an appeal to international companies. The book is full of examples from large multinational businesses, small companies and individuals who have used social media to grow their brand and improve perception about their company. There are also a few examples of companies who have got things rather wrong

What are some of the strategies a small business can implement to increase traffic and social equity?

Keep it fresh. You don’t fish in stagnant water. You won’t get business with a stagnant web site. Adding social feeds onto a website, will keep the content fresh and keep the site high up in search engine rankings. It’s not just about SEO any more. With search engines following social feeds, keeping active on social networks can greatly improve your position in the rankings.

Top five Eileen Rules to networking

  • Follow up. If you make a connection at a business meeting – send an email the next day to initiate the connection electronically. Then the other person has you in their address book. If you don’t get a response – throw the business card away
  • Don’t cruise the room collecting as many business cards as possible – which are probably less relevant. Take time to make a good connection
  • Use the power of the referral network. Often your best business won’t come from your initial meeting – but because someone has referred you
  • Be genuinely interested in the other person. They will know if you’re not sincere and will mentally mark you out as someone who isn’t interested in them. You will have lost a potentially good connection
  • Follow up. Yes, I know I’ve said this, but it shows you are genuinely interested in the connection and the potential value it can bring to you both. My best long term referrers are from connections I’ve taken the time to keep in touch with on a social basis…

Why do you think when someone reads your book not all the outcomes are of the positive expectations?

Like any activity, engaging in social media activities is not always positive. Being prepared for things that can go one, and things that can damage your reputation – and having a workable strategy to minimise the effects of a PR disaster can go a long way in minimizing the effects of an error. Things often go wrong, but having an effective engagement strategy in place to deal with issues will really help

What is next for you?

We are at an inflection point in social media. It is still in its infancy and, contrary to perception, has not had broad adoption across many companies and institutions. These are very exciting times, with new tools and technologies coming out each week that have the ability to change the way we work and interact with each other. I’m fascinated by this evolution of interactivity and the way that the current tools have been adopted in creative and innovative ways by large and small companies. My next book will focus on this step change and how companies have evolved to survive in this people powered, connected world