Daily Archives: April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Twitter fever


In addition to wall to wall coverage all day on all channels, Twitter was also alight with coverage of the Royal Wedding.  Hashtags rw2011 and Royalwedding were trending as everyone watched their TV and tweeted to their followers, their impression of the proceedings.   over 30 folks checkied in to Westminster abbey on foursquare too.  Social connections using non traditional media. The coverage on Twitter during the event was like actually being in Westminster cathedral and whispering behind your hands about the goings on at the event  Twitter gave this wedding a lovely, behind the scenes richness – almost like being in the crowds lining the Mall.  A great feeling

Twitter has indirectly contributed to a resurgence in live TV watching. We follow the programs online, commenting on Twitter as events unfold.  if we record something to watch it later – like a football match or a competition (Masterchef / x Factor) often we need to stay away from Twitter channels in case we discover who won the competition / match etc. 

It’s very difficult to have both channels working  mutually exclusively now.  Watching Twitter stream gives a blog by blow commentary about what is going on – and watching the events on TV prompts commentary on Twitter.  More and more folks are watching live TV due to the fact that we can socially interact with our online friends without the intrusion and disruption of a phone call.

But this amount of interaction enriched the proceedings for many.  Social media brought more of us into the ‘moment’ and allowed us to share what was going on at a local level – instead of being disconnected in another part of the world.

Bringing global proceedings to a local level…long may it continue…