Daily Archives: April 27, 2011

How does SEO actually work?

Search Engine Optimisation seems baffling to those of us who hire a consultant to get our sites higher up the search engine rankings, and frustrating for those of us who have to keep up with all the changes that Google makes to its algorithm to stay one step ahead. (See my blog posts from the other day to see just how much Google has changed SEO.  This infographic  from the Datadial blog makes things a little bit clearer – well a little bit less muddy anyway.


Now its more than just meta tags within the html pages.  image file names, Body text, headings and bold text are all counted as are reviews and links.  Embedded images and badges all help too.  So Embed your button wherever you can.  Create one!

It’s good also to see that great activity on social media sites has a good boost for being discovered and discoverable.  Fresh activity on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all contributes to your ranking.  Keep it fresh, keep it relevant and the search engines will reward you for it…