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40 years of email triage

imageSo email is 40 years old?  How much has it changed your life?  Can you honestly say that it’s changed your life for the better?

It’s not something many of us like dealing with.  We spend our lives trying to reach inbox zero, deleting messages that shouldn’t have been sent to us, and trying to respond to key business messages that might have been better as a phone conversation.

email seems to be the bane of our lives – much more of an intrusion than social media seems to be.  We constantly check our messages on our phone.  We’re always on, always connected, always rushing to respond to that business critical email.

But was it always like this?

Not at all.  If you’re lucky enough to remember the days before instant delivery of email straight to your inbox, you’ll remember the peace and quiet in your working day.  What happened to the time we spent before we became productive?

Well here’s a timeline showing just how far we’ve come since that first email was sent:

1965: Email started from users logging on to the same host based mainframe

1966: Sage system had a limited form of email

1971: The first email sent using the @ sign from one DEC 10 to another

1978: the first email advertisement goes out over the university network

1982: The word email first used – and the first smiley emoticon used

1989: AOL’s “You’ve got mail” message recorded

1990: first spam started to appear from botnet machines

1997: Microsoft buys Hotmail (And releases the first version of Outlook)

1998: The film “you’ve got mail” is released and the term spam  referring to junk email is added to the dictionary

1999: an email claiming that Bill Gates will give you money if you forward the email begins to circulate on the internet

2003: CAN-SPAM Act comes into force

2004 Internet acronyms officially recognised by Oxford English dictionary

2004: The ability to add other types of media to emails is introduced

2007: Gmail becomes available


Thanks to reachmail for the infographic that gave me the inspiration – and Wikipedia of course

As you can see fro this screenshot – even after 40 years.  We still get it wrong sometimes.

Have we got it right yet?  Like our 40 years of social media and the Internet – it seems like we’ve still got a heck of a long way to go!

image credit:flickr and Flickr


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Facebook to announce webmail

It’s interesting to watch the growing excitement around Facebook’s webmail, Project titan which is tipped to release today.  According to Media Week and Techcrunch, there will be great social integration and the ability to have a personalised facebook.com email address or mail.facebook.com if you believe that the infrastructure behind will run on Exchange 2007.  It’s interesting to see how theories and rumours have changed though. It was only in June that the Inside Facebook blog confidently  predicted that there wouldn’t be a fully fledged email application even after Michael Arrington speculated about it back in February this year.

At the Gartner Symposium last week. social networking services would replace email for interpersonal communications by 2014 and we’re moving towards this point really rapidly with add ons like the Facebook social connector for Outlook from Microsoft giving much tighter integration between email and social networks.  The Outlook connector for LinkedIn has been out for some time now. So we’re moving more and more towards a unified inbox.  With Exchange, Unified messaging and Unified Communications, Microsoft hope that, at least in the Enterprise, then the Unified  Inbox will be Exchange. 

This move by Facebook hopes that the Unified social connector will be Facebook itself, with email instant messaging, sharing and social updates all from Facebook.  Enterprise companies won’t be ready to switch their IP to Facebook for a long time yet, but everyone is a consumer when they get home.  And that’s Facebook’s market..

It’s logical really. 

We spend more time in email than any other Office application, and we spend more time on Facebook than any other social media application, so it follows that Facebook would eventually move towards a better version of it’s existing email service.  And what better back end server to use than Exchange Server? 

With Facebook holding all of your personal data, and now all of your personal messages, then they can deliver a truly personalised ad experience based on your customised information and data exchanges between you, your friends and your business colleagues. 

Smart move Mark…


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Free busy in Exchange 2003

Jeremy has been browsing my blog and asked a few questions about Exchange free busy after reading my blog entry.  But the link I gave him didn’t give him enough information.  Well  did some digging around and came up with a couple of articles that go into the process of how free busy works in a little bit more detail. So as I’ve already done the research, I thought I’d share it with you – just in case… There’s some good info about Free busy on the Exchange team blog too.

Chapter 6 – working with the exchange store  

Preview: managing free/busy folders 

Why I still love Microsoft technology

I’ve been asked several times over the last few months if I’ve bought an iPhone instead of a Windows Phone, switched to Linux, WebMail or gone back to XP. No, No No and NO!  and it’s little things that I find out about Microsoft technologies that confirms my choices.  Here’s another example of how easy and seamless things are


I needed to change my Microsoft domain password.  I’m not using a domain joined machine, but I access any Microsoft mail from either OWA or an extra Outlook MAPI profile.  I logged into OWA today and received the “your password will expire in 7 days…” message. I finished my conference call and went to change my password in Options.

Seamless and simple.  Office communicator and Communicator Web Access all work seamlessly too.  A great joined up collaboration story too.

Nice one Exchange team – again 🙂

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Interact2009 Berlin



Well its great to be helping out in an area of TechEd that I know really well, and I know lots of experts in UC so it’s good to catch up with old friends from around Europe.

I’m also pleased to be helping out at Interact09 as this will be my third Interact event and my second this year.

The sessions are really up close and personal, the conversations are amazing and the swag is nice.

But the really great thing about Interact is the opportunity to influence the Product team directly.  The techy part of the team too.  The guys who actually write the stuff.

And I think that’s the main value in my opinion.


We invite people who are influencers in their own UC circles.  Bloggers, Tweeters, customers who look after UC installations – and people who work with UC, whether in Support or Sales will all have really good interactions with the UC product team.  And they listen to you, your concerns, your comments and your questions.  

And that feedback goes into the pot for the next version of the product.

And that’s why you need to attend.  Hopefully there’ll be Interact sessions at a place near you soon.  I’ll let you know if there are… 🙂


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OWA – simply impressive

I’ve talked before about how the simple additions to software can really make a difference to my every day working life and OWA 2010 has blown me away so far.  First one is the Out of Office alert – which pops up before I’ve sent the email.  I can now decide whether it’s worth sending the mail at all… 


The second feature that really blew me away when I first used it for real is the threaded conversation view.  I LOVE this feature.  I can see the whole thread, including bits of the thread that I’ve deleted – in one stream – right in my inbox.  Fantastic concept.  Here’s what it looks like.


  There are a few other screenshots here and information here and here if you’re interested. Simple – but really effective, and that’s what makes this such a great version of the Exchange Web client… 

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Free Exchange 2010 Training

I missed this, but Andrew pointed me towards the Microsoft Learning Clinic offering Exchange 2010 free online learning.  There’s 2 hours of learning in the collection…


Very useful if you want to get your head around all of the extra new features in Exchange 2010.  from what I’ve seen so far, Exchange 2010 OWA is significantly better than any OWA I’ve ever seen and I’ll spend a bit of time playing with it before reporting back here.

Meanwhile – take advantage of this free offer whilst its on…