Sex, Tattoos and iPhone accidents

I love this. Following on from my post about people using their smartphones from the shower to the sack, here’s an infographic from SquareTrade the protection plan for mobile devices and laptops showing that people that have sex more than once a week damage their iPhones.

The study also shows that those who have tattoos, ride motorcycles or trade stocks also have a higher chance of a phone fumble.

If you have a tattoo or ride a motorcycle you are 25 percent more likely to have had an iPhone accident.if you live in a household of more than 4 members, or have sex more than once a week you are 15 percent more likely to have an iPhone accident.

And if you are a stock trader beware. You are 40 percent more likely to have had an iPhone accident of you frequently trade stocks.

Ty Shay, SquareTrade’s Chief Marketing Officer. “As our devices become increasingly central to our lives, they’re at the mercy of our lifestyles and sometimes risky behaviour. This research gives us a glimpse into what trends we may see in the future.”


There’s a theme here. iPhones.

I think if you don’t want to have an iPhone accident then don’t do the activities in the infographic – or switch to a different mobile OS such as Android or Windows Phone Smile

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One thought on “Sex, Tattoos and iPhone accidents

  1. Tony

    There’s a big difference between a statistical CORRELATION and proving CAUSALITY, ie that one of the statistically correlated events actually causes the other. Maybe stock traders are more clumsy and it has nothing to do with iPhone ownership, who has proven any real link between any of these events?

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