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They do *what* with a bear?

This is a really great video from Tippex which is going to go viral and big. There are echoes of Burger King’s Subservient Chicken in the concept but still, it’s a really compelling concept and cleverly done.  All of the videos are on YouTube itself and if you search for “A hunter shoots a bear” into YouTube, (or click this link) you’ll get to the first video in the sequence


What is great about this, is that the brand is clearly connected to the video, there is community action and  brand response.  It’s slicker than the annual Elf Yourself viral ad campaign which ‘Elfed’ over 123 million faces, it has clever concept and brings the brand out of the page  (well out of the YouTube video frame anyway).

I’ll be watching this with interest to see how far this runs. 

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Value or Rubbish? Implode or Explode? You decide

I’ve seen a few interesting posts on blogs and on Twitter complaining about how social media and especially Twitter is filled with rubbish and is stupid, that the whole social media storm is going to implode on itself (it won’t.  It will just settle into a set of normalised patterns).  There are also some who complain that the aggregators I talked about yesterday are just spam or just a waste of time

image But for those of us who like to consume news in bite sized, or should it be byte sized chunks, feel Twitter is ideal for them.  The sheer volume of social media messages, and the ability to cause an incredible impact.

Jon’s post today has a staggering set of statistics about the number of Google searches, YouTube views and news articles about the woman who callously put a cat in a wheelie bin.  An explosion of indignation about this dreadful act of cruelty to a friendly animal.

This story exploded within a few hours and is another example of the incredible outreach of a media story.  Remember the buzz that was created the other week by the girl who “quit her job” – and who now finds herself very much in the spotlight and the subject of a lot of attention.

With so much information flying around, and more and more companies wanting to know how to properly engage on Twitter and other social networking sites, being part of the conversation is more and more important.

Managing your time, managing your feeds and managing your information will become more and more important as we use more mechanisms to communicate with our connections without becoming addicted.

Like it or not, Twitter and Facebook have become part of the fabric of our lives.  We now need to learn how to manage them effectively so that they complement and not consume our lives.

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The viral speed of a mouse click

I’ve been watching the propagation of the latest viral blog post as it whizzes around the internet.  The story which was published today, talks about how a girl resigns by telling a story on a dry erase board.


The first comment was added to the blog 5 hours ago.  when I first saw the post it had 5,915 fans on Facebook.  In the last 2 minutes – when Facebook had 29,490 ‘Likes’ since I’ve been writing this post, another 1500 Facebook users have clicked the ‘like’ button.  I’ve seen this several times on my Facebook feed as my Facebook friends have shared the link with their friends.  Twitter has gone crazy with retweets, and the comments on the blog have increased by 20 since I started to write this post.  The web site itself is as slow as

For  a piece of content to turn viral, it needs to be compelling and unique.  It will propagate all on it’s own and reach places you never imagined. 

And now I’ve finished typing – which has taken me about 10 minutes in total, there are now 33,520 Facebook ‘Likes’ which shows the amazing speed of a mouse click in turning something interesting into a viral sensation.

Amazing.  I hope she is inundated with job offers.  What a brilliant way to resign

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