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Death of my blog?

I really intended to stop blogging on my hosted WordPress blog. I had planned to call this blog “the last post” or “Bye,Bye blog” – something whimsical perhaps, something that meant a lot to me. I had spent sometime reviewing the variety of topics I had talked about over the last ten years.

Looking back and learning will enable you to move forward eileenb Amastra Eileen Brown motivational quote

I have a new blogging site using self-hosted WordPress on http://amastra.com/blog My last few WordPress posts were geared up to moving my regular readers to my new location.

I included links to my new blog location and I intended to – well – just leaving the past behind as I stopped posting on my old post. I’d even planned what I would write.

I would do a retrospective post. I would touch on the highlights of the last ten years and muse on how things have changed in social publishing and engagement since I started blogging back in 2004.

But when it came to it, I just could not do it. Over the past ten years I’ve posted over 2000 articles. Most are not relevant any more. Software has been updated, opinions have changed, my job has morphed into something totally different more than once, and technology has moved on dramatically. In some ways a lot of this blog is now obsolete.

But not for me.

This is a record of the last ten years of my life, the trips I went on, the experiences I had. It really is a trip down memory lane for me. Even though I migrated the posts over to the Amastra web site and blog, I can’t leave this old blog to  site and away and die.

Blogging has been a big part of my career journey – and what an amazing journey it has been. It has not all been good. The bad bits have given me some great life lessons, and some of it has been painful, some parts have been boring and some has been filled with anxiety.

But its still my journey. And I can’t let it go.

So to compromise, I’m going to post to https://eileenbrown.wordpress.com occasionally.The Amastra blog will now be my main blogging platform whereas my hosted WordPress blog will be updated from time to time. Hopefully these posts will never go stale, become out of date, or slip away and disappear. They will continue to be my link to my past.

Am I holding on to an out-dated blog out of some misplaced sentimentality?.  Am I doing this just to preserve a record of my longevity in this fast moving social interactive world? Am I reluctant to embrace the new and leave behind the old? All of them are probably true.

But killing this old blog off permanently is a step too far for me. I’ll be leaving my digital footprint here for a while longer I think – until it is really time to leave my musings and experiences to decay in the ethereal reaches of the digital void…


10 tips to avoid the Monday morning blues

imageIt is often hard to get going on a Monday morning. The commute might have been hell with over running road works or delays on your train.  You might be tired, have a hangover, or you might have had the best weekend ever and are suffering from post weekend blues.

But don’t take it our on your colleagues at work. Try these 10 tips to make Mondays better for yourself, and your colleagues:

  • Listen to energising music on the way in to work. Choose music that lifts your spirits and makes you feel great. Don’t turn the volume up too high if you’re in a train though. You may ruin someone else’s day
  • Wave and smile thanks to others.  if someone lets you in at a traffic queue, smile and wave your appreciation.  Even if you don’t feel like it, smile. You will lift your own spirits with your fake smile, as well as others.
  • Be positive.  Say a cheery good morning to folks as you go into the office.  Ask how they are. If someone asks how you are, don’t just say ok.  Try to think of something cheery to say in response. You might lift their spirits too
  • Ignore negativity.  Don’t let someone else’s bad day become your own. Remember, it is not your problem. Stay cheery and ignore the grumps.
  • Do your most productive tasks first. You’ll do them quicker and the day’s jobs will seem less onerous.  Do the jobs you like and you will be in a better mood to do the jobs you don’t like.
  • Remember why you are there.  You work to achieve your financial goals, security, to go on better holidays, to change the world in some way or to help people out.  Whatever your drive is, do it with gusto and remember, your work helps you achieve what you really want from life.
  • Don’t work too long at work.  Working all hours of the day or night tires you out and makes you miserable. You’re home life will suffer and your productivity will go down.  Work can get along just fine without you. You are not indispensible.
  • Keep things in perspective. A problem at work is not your problem entirely, no matter how much a grumpy boss tries to tell you it is.
  • Remember it is your job, not your life. Try to keep a balance between the two and don’t let work get you down.
  • Enjoy yourself. the day will go faster and it will be Tuesday before you know it!

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Eileen is a social business strategist, ZDNet columnist and author of Working The Crowd: Social Media Marketing for Business. Contact her to find out how she can help your business extend its reach.

Inspiration and motivation

imageThis is such a great post from the life optimiser blog.  I often dip into this to pick up some inspiration and get ideas to motivate me.  Read the full post from life optimiser here to get the main points.  I’ve captured the main headings below – and added my own interpretation to the headings.


So this is what I think you need to get your motivation and inspiration..

1. Be decisive:  Say what you mean to say and do what you say you’re going to do.  Don’t prevaricate.  There is not enough time left to waste time by indecision

2. Act like you mean it. If you’re committed to something – show your passion, show your commitment to a task –  and do it!

3. Draw from inspirational words of wisdom. These might be from a friend, or from someone famous,  My own mantra is “you can do anything you really want to do – if you believe in yourself enough”

4. Stand on the “shoulders of giants.”  Find a leader and follow them, get your guidance from your friends and mentors.  Follow good examples of leadership, discard bad examples from your life

5. Play the favourite scenes in your mind. Imagine what winning feels like.  Imagine success.  it will make it easier to achieve when it happens.

6. Shift to the future. Don’t dwell in the past.  You can’t change anything there.  Move on.  Get over it.  You’ll feel better when you do

7. Connect to your values. Live your values.  don’t compromise.  your conscience won’t forgive you…

and one of my own…

8. Believe in yourself.  Others will follow your lead and start to believe in you too.  Your self belief will motivate others.


The life optimiser post talks about getting your own inspiration and it’s inspired me to put my own thoughts down – which is a sort of recursive inspiration spiral for me.  But a really positive way to move things forward in your life Smile

Image credit: Flickr

Eileen is a social business strategist and author of Working The Crowd: Social Media Marketing for Business. Contact her to find out how she can help your business extend its reach.