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Very minimalist mouse

if you’re into minimalism – have a look at this sleek mouse… from the Yanko design blog


Love it… but ? perhaps a bit too ergonomic eh


Insight into your web design

This caught my eye – especially as I’m fascinated by fonts after seeing this book about fonts on Amazon

(Large version here…)

I’m not sure what this web design says about me – or what it says about my website designer.  It’s a nice infographic though.  Thanks to Six revisions for the work…

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Hasn’t Apple come a long way?

I found this image over on the Gizmodo blog. 8K memory, and a 1.0 MHz MOS 6502 processor.  What a machine Smile


originally sold for $666.66 now on sale for $250,000.

Mind you it still has it’s original printed manual and letter signed by Steve Jobs.

An amazing piece of history…

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