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Budweiser flashmob makes hockey players proud.

So Budweiser Canada released a flashmob video during the superbowl game.  Have a look at it…

The players of the game had no idea that the flash mob would arrive.  They were told that they were being filmed for a documentary.  Then the crowds arrived.

Econsultancy were cynical.  After all, a flashmob is old hat right?

But imagine how you would feel if it was you there on the ice? if you were there in Trafalgar square singing Hey Jude alongside Pink?

Marketing is all about the affect that it has on consumers.  Adverts need to make folks sit up and take notice.  Whether its through controversy from a poorly executed ad campaign, or a video that warms your heart..

You’ve still noticed something.  You are aware of the brand…

So the campaign has achieved its objectives – whether or not you decide to purchase…

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