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Changes at Hard Rock?

This made me laugh out loud when I saw it on Facebook.


Hopefully I did  inspire the team at Hard Rock to think of some new initiatives after my session last week.

Thanks Jason – for making me giggle,  Now, thinking about it, where is my red bra? 😀

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If I was on the International Space Station…

This is what I would see….  When I was a kid I wanted to be an astronaut.  Everyone of my generation did.  We watched the landing on the moon, although we were far too young to understand the significance of the occasion.  And we dreamed about going there too one day.  So  I love this video taken from the space station showing earth in orbit.  It makes me believe that I’ve been there too…

Thanks to the LikeCool blog for finding the video.  I’m off to dream about space now :) 

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Final thoughts of the year


So as the New Year beckons – (as does the champagne) and the old year draws to a close, I’ve been reflecting on the bits of my working life have been enhanced by technology or otherwise so here’s my list.

1: Twitter.  Twitter has enabled me to connect to people who aren’t answering their phone, enables me to silently follow the famous (in the technology and the celebrity world) and has given me feedback, help and advice within moments of asking.  As far as I can see, the site doesn’t make any money, has thousands and thousands of followers and is addictive – it you’re following the correct people. I’m at if you’re curious about the stuff I write.

2: Live Writer.  With the ability to add Tags, insert maps and photos, my blogging life is much much better.  I catch up with stuff online and blog offline when I get the time.

3: Google Reader.  I whizz through my feeds (over 500 of them) in no time. Star what i want to return to and blog it later.  Yes, i know that you’ll be thinking that i should ONLY use Microsoft products, but i like this reader MUCH more than the IE version of the RSS reader – and when we produce something that’s better – I’ll switch to that.

And the worst….?

Sorry chaps it’s got to be the tracking Santa application I played with on Christmas Eve# from MSNBC.  Eeek.  Norad have been getting it right for years and years!  Come on chaps, it would have been good if the site had actually worked BEFORE Santa arrived.  You have a year to make things much better in 2009.

So I’ll sign off now for the New Year and wish you and yours all the best for 2009 and I’ll see you then!

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Your Visual DNA quiz

I’ve just had a bit of fun with this quiz and thought I’d share it.  you click on photos that appeal to you according to the questions and it comes up with a fun personality quiz.  here’s mine…


Wish I was a High Time Roller though – now where’s that champagne!…

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