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Public relations skills for digital marketers

Whether you are new to marketing or a traditional marketer making the transition, you will still needs to rely on strengths seen in those coming from a traditional public relations and marketing background.

Public relations skills, such as writing an announcement in such a way that the press or news outlets are interested matters.

In an era where journalists are finding and developing sources and stories from posts on social media, a good understanding of the news cycle in your community is important.

Feel good stories written for the weekends, hard-hitting business news appearing first thing Monday morning – all will help you time your posts, tweets, or photojournalism where it can catch the eye of a reporter.

Public relations professionals also seem to have an uncanny understanding of when NOT to call attention to their company or product. Perhaps there is a national controversy, and they do not want the brand associated with either side. Perhaps a competitor is experiencing a PR disaster – do they jump in and skewer their opponent, or do they take the high road?

Knowing when to avoid “breaking in to jail” by being part of the conversation becomes really important as you notice the opportunities for conversation and spotting which conversations to join.

“Bridging” in public relations

An important public relations skill that works well in the digital marketing world is that of “bridging.” In media interviews. This skill gets the conversation shifted from what the reporter has asked, back to the message you really want to talk about.

If this is done well, it does not seem like you are deflecting the original question, because the promotional topic is neatly tied to the initial question.

In social media, where conversations with the public and customers may be on-going, it is important to bridge the conversation. Acknowledge what the original question and intent was, whilst making sure you get your own company’s message out there.

In the war of perception, storytelling and careful language can make all the difference to your brand.

Traditional public relations involves public speaking, and you can take advantage of these opportunities. You could be giving a speech that will be live-cast to conference attendees, or creating a podcast in the home office. If you can communicate clearly and in a lively manner, you will do well.

If you want to market yourself well, the ability to convey in person why a customer should buy your product or service is priceless.

Some digital media experts market themselves so well they are paid to give talks. If you have speaking experience, and an engaging manner, you will find that your social following will increase after your successful talk.

Good public relations skills are essential if you want to extend your brand..

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