Tchapper gives mobile messaging privacy by shaking your phone

Enterprises want to make sure that their mobile devices are as  private and secure as their servers across the organisation. Users want privacy when using their phone.

A Paris-based app, which renders messages unreadable by a simple shake of the phone, seems to meet both needs.

While Facebook Messenger, Kik, or WhatsApp are considering security options to compete against the Telegram app, they miss the needs of users who want privacy in the bus, at home, or at the office.

Tchapper is a privacy messaging app available for Android and iOS that delivers a range of tools for private messaging conversations.

A shake of the phone renders messages, photos, videos, and notifications unreadable. Text is replaced by random symbols which change each time the phone is shaken.

Messages are both encrypted and unreadable. Messages look like a set of random characters and symbols. Messages can be deleted by both sender and receiver, or they can be stored in a private messaging cloud.

The coded messages can be created and stored locally on the device if preferred. Users can deactivate the coding for sending traditional messages, or delete the message even after it has been sent.

Tchapper gives mobile messaging privacy by shaking your phone

The message disappears from both the sender’s and the recipient’s screen. The app can also send “flash messages” that disappear after 20 seconds.

The app provides a privacy channel for mobile users without restricting them to a single privacy app.

All mobile messaging conversations can be made private, giving the user control over their communications.

Messages can be decoded by shaking the device — or by using the fingerprint sensor — to read direct messages or private messages within a group.

The app has gamified mobile privacy, enabling users to take control of their interface by simply shaking their device.

The beta version of the app is currently available in English and French. It has more than 150,000 users and will be made available in more than 10 languages.

It enables privacy features on iMessage, and it plans to deliver privacy features on additional messaging platforms, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Skype.

So why would you need Tchapper on your device? If you want to protect your privacy, you can decide exactly when you want to read a particular message or open an image.

You could be in a meeting, with the phone on the desk, or on the train, and perhaps you do not want your notifications or messages to be visible to other people around you.

For parents who let their kids play with their phone, it can ensure that if a personal or professional message arrives during that time, it will be unreadable. You have complete control of message privacy.

Daniele Amsellem, founder of Tchapper, said: “Mobile messaging users expect to have their conversations kept private, not necessarily secret, and with more than 3 billion messages sent daily from the leading messaging platforms, this is a growing issue.

We want to make privacy a fun thing to do when communicating with your device, not something burdensome. Tchapper takes advantage of your smartphone in a way that literally ‘shakes up’ the conversation.”

Embedded into the OS, or globally across all apps, it will render a device unreadable if it falls into the wrong hands. Phone snatchers will not be able to read any of the garbled information on the phone.

This technology is currently limited to scrambling the characters and images within the app. Extended to the whole device, tablets, PCS and other devices, all data will be worthless.

A simple activity like shaking, dropping or suddenly moving the phone will guarantee the data will stay safe. It will not be long before someone buys this technology to widen its reach.