Delivery spam scam

There seems to be a new way to propagate a virus using the UPS system for tracking your parcel. I received both of these email  messages within a couple of hours of each other.

This is a poor attempt at a scam. The originators yahoo email address is exposed, the spelling is poor, and the To:line shows multiple addresses.The Zip file is the same size in each, there is no corporate branding on either email and the spelling leaves a lot to be desired.



With success rates for spammers increasing all the time it is worth being vigilant. Two easy ways to make sure that you don’t get anything destructive on your machine:

  • Take your user account out of the Administrators group.The default account when you first get your machine is in the Administrators group. Create a separate account called admin, and protect it with a password. You will be prompted every time something needs to have administrative access to your machine, whether an update or a fix – or a worm. Stopping and checking – before you allow access will minimise your chances of introducing malware.
  • Check dodgy emails such as these carefully. Poor spelling, multiple recipients, attachments should all make you suspicious. If in doubt, don’t open the email…

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