How to use LinkedIn for CRM: Notes and details

When you were tagging your LinkedIn connections, you might have seen some other links on your connection information. LinkedIn provides a handy way to track conversations with your connections and add other useful information

Usually these fields are blank where the connection has not filled in many LinkedIn details on their profile. Some of your connections might have more comprehensive information.

Click on the edit details link to see other information that you can add about the contact:


I can add a selection of phone numbers, web sites, social sites, spouse and manager information. I can add my own custom fields, birthdays and contact notes.


This extra information might just help you when you are trying to work out where and when you met someone. you can look up details such as what you talked about, who their spouse is  — and when their birthday is.

The downside at the moment is that these fields are not exported into the CSV file to upload into your contacts manager – nor are they recognised by the outlook social connector to populate your contacts in Outlook. Perhaps someone at Microsoft might want to create a skunk works project to make this happen? 

The LinkedIn notes feature gives you yet another reason to transfer all of that business card information into LinkedIn’s contact details and throw those dead business cards away  Smile

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