Keeping LinkedIn fresh for discoverability and SEO

Its important to update your LinkedIn profile often, but how often?


A recent poll on Smart blogs indicated that less than half of LinkedIn users update their profiles more than once a year:

    • I do it more than once a year: 47.12%
    • I do it once a year or less: 36.09%
    • I don’t have a LinkedIn profile: 8.02%
    • I don’t revise my profile: 7.52%
    • Not sure: 1.25%

You do not even need to directly update your profile to get noticed by SEO spiders. Something as simple as updating your status will do. This announces to the search engines that your LinkedIn profile page is active and should be re-indexed by the search engines.

Any type of status update will do. Traditional update, sharing a link, commenting on another person’s status update. All of these activities places an incremental flag on the database entry that contains your profile and announces to the web crawlers to index your entry.

So keep LinkedIn fresh. Use it for profile management, connection management and to reach out to new people. LinkedIn is a fantastic CRM tool – but many of the little known features of LinkedIn are the ones that will help you work your connections the most..

Look out for a future post on using LinkedIn as a CRM tool and really enhance how you use it.

Eileen is a social media strategist and consultant at Amastra, a columnist at ZDNet and author of Working The Crowd: Social Media Marketing for Business. Contact Eileen to find out how she can elevate your brand and help your business become more social.

Image credit: Knutux