Are we bored with Facebook?

Perhaps Facebook is reaching saturation in the US and the UK. Over the last month Socialbakers has recorded that there has been a drop in the number of Facebook Users in the US and the UK.


Users in the US have dropped by 668,740 users whilst users in the UK have dropped by almost 1 million. Perhaps we have reached maximum penetration of users in the UK with almost 53 per cent? 

Chile has almost 58 per cent penetration whilst the UAE has over 69 per cent and Qatar has over 81 per cent of users that use Facebook.

So are we becoming jaded by Facebook in the UK and US?  A recent poll indicates that we are.

  • 52 per cent of respondents feel that they will spend less time on Facebook in the next year, while only 12 per cent plan on spending more time.
  • 36 per cent think they will spend the same amount of time on Facebook
  • 37 per cent of respondents do not check Facebook at all, while 33 per cent check a few times per day, 20 per cent check once or twice a day and 10 per cent are checking constantly
  • 73 per cent of respondents believe another social network will eventually eclipse Facebook, while only 27 per cent think that no other social network will ever top Facebook
  • In terms of the number of social networks used by respondents, 61 per cent use a few, 23 per cent use just one, nine per cent use “a ton,” while only seven per cent don’t use any social network

This seasonal change happens most years. We spend more time with family and less time at work. Some of us avoid social channels completely. Perhaps we’re not bored with Facebook. We just have more interesting things to occupy our minds than Facebook during the extra long break that we have in the UK.

As we get finally back into work mode, I think that this trend will reverse. After all, what else are we going to do with our data enabled devices? Smile

Eileen is a social business and social media strategist and consultant at Amastra, a columnist at ZDNet and author of Working The Crowd: Social Media Marketing for Business. Contact Eileen to find out how she can help your business extend its reach.