Creating successful social media marketing campaigns


Salesforce has an interesting infographic on its blog that describes the anatomy of a successful social marketing campaign.

To puzzle out what makes a campaign successful campaign you need to consider these key factors.

Blog. You have to have a blog. Keeping your customers informed about your activities and sharing relevant, timely useful content is vital to the on-going relationship with your readers.

Facebook. Reproduce your blog content on your Facebook page and capture new leads from people who might not have found your blog by any other methods.

Facebook pages are an extra opportunity to engage your readers. Make sure that your scorecard metrics include both comments written directly on your blog entries and also comments on the Facebook page. You can find the hard link to any Facebook status update by clicking on the time stamp under your name. For example, here’s the hard link to a post I wrote back in March 2012.

Twitter. Twitter and associated tools such as Twitterfeed, Bufferapp and IFTTT are good automated mechanisms to get your blog content out to Twitter without any interaction from you.  Good content and links get retweeted and you are much more likely to get noticed by new followers.

Image and video sharing sites. Instagram, Flickr, Picassa, YouTube, Pinterest and Vimeo all serve to draw eyes back to your campaign. The images do not need to be all about your business.

Content. Focus on your content. Without great content you will get nowhere with your campaign or subsequent engagement.  Content and quality of content is the best gift you can give to your customers.

See the infographic at the Salesforce blog

Credit: FutUndBeidl

Eileen is a social business and social media strategist and consultant at Amastra, a columnist at ZDNet and author of Working The Crowd: Social Media Marketing for Business. Contact Eileen to find out how she can help your business extend its reach.