Understanding barcodes to find out product origins


Have you ever wondered where your product was actually made? Well looking at the barcode will give you a clue. The first three numbers on a barcode are the country code of the member organisation (although not necessarily where the product was made).  It give you a good idea where that little knick-knack came from

Here are a few of the GS1 listings from Wikipedia



000 – 019 US and Canada
060 – 099 US and Canada
300 – 379 France and Monaco
400 – 440 Germany
489 Hong Kong
500 – 509 UK
690 – 695 China
750 Mexico
754 – 755 Canada
890 India
930 – 939 Australia
940 – 949 New Zealand

The rest of the world is detailed at the Wikipedia listings – but it gives you a great insight into where your purchase came from and a way for you to focus on buying locally if you choose.

Interesting stuff…

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