Are we annoyed by Apple and fatigued by Facebook?


Day after day we are bombarded by news about the big tech guys.  Product and feature launches are hyped up to the hilt.  Queues if fans line up to be ‘the first’ for the new product, the first to try the new software features.

Perhaps we are getting tired of all of the hoo-haa.  Perhaps we are not as naïve as marketers think.  Perhaps we can think independently for ourselves.

I saw an infographic a few weeks ago from Sodahead which had polled its users for their thoughts on Facebook and Apple’s product launches.

It seems that I am not the only one that finds the fanfares a little bit over the top.  Others too are becoming a little jaded by the overwhelming presence of these giants. Here are some of the call outs of the poll:

52 per cent of respondents feel that they will spend less time on Facebook in the next year, while only 12 per cent plan on spending more time. 36 per cent think they will spend the same amount of time on Facebook

– 37 per cent of respondents do not check Facebook at all, while 33 per cent check a few times per day, 20 per cent check once or twice a day and 10 per cent are checking constantly

– Moving forward, 73 per cent of respondents believe another social network will eventually eclipse Facebook, while only 27 per cent think that no other social network will ever top Facebook

– In terms of the number of social networks used by respondents, 61 per cent use a few, 23 per cent use just one, nine per cent use “a ton,” while only seven per cent don’t use any social network

– For Apple’s rumoured upcoming product launches, only 28 per cent are interested in the “iPad Mini,” while 72 per cent are already “over it.” Even fewer are excited about the iPhone5, with 26 per cent stating they are interested, while 74 per cent are over it.

Perhaps Facebook and Apple are at saturation now. Everyone has heard of them, most people use the devices or the software.  Perhaps we need something new to get excited about. The next big thing might already be here – but we are so focused on the old, established brands we can’t see the new guys just waiting around the corner to steal the market…

Image Credit: goldberg

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