Why you should use Pay Per Click advertising 1: Benefits

imageIf you want to make sure that your advertising campaigns are getting good traction with your readers, then the best model to use is the pay per click (PPC) model. This model is sometimes called the cost per click (CPC) and it demonstrates to the marketing team that a definitive action – the click – has actually taken place.

Pay Per Click is better than Pay Per Impression (PPI). PPC ads give you a way to measure who has actually clicked on the link, not who might have seen the link

A decision can then be taken on how best to modify the campaign to complete the sale, or to increase the awareness of the products.

There are several benefits to the pay per click model which makes it a really good choice for small business advertisers that want to maximise their maximum spend.

It is easy to target specific segments of the audience with different types of adverts. Different wording, and images can be used for each segment so that market intelligence can highlight which paid advert is working the best.

You only pay for clicks. If you have a poor performing ad, you won’t have to pay. You then can improve your advert to generate a better return next time.

    • A Pay per click model can generate instant traffic to a web site or micro site with an offer. The numbers of clicks then can demonstrate a return on investment for the marketing campaign.
    • The results are easy to measure.
    • Do careful research on the best keywords to use in your advert, you will get immediate benefits almost 65 per cent of clicks for keywords go to paid ads. Google Adwords can help you decide which keywords have the highest competition and which would be best to use on your ad
    • If you get your keywords right then you are more likely to appear above the fold (that’s the area of space on the screen before you scroll down).
    • Effective paid for adverts are difficult to detect on a search results page with over 45 per cent of people being unable to identify which are the paid for ads on a page.
    • You have total control over your campaign. You can analyse which words or images had the most impact on an area or segment of the population and use this to further drive your efforts

Effective PPC marketing will give you a better click through rate and improves the return on your marketing investment. It will help you grow your business

Now we will focus on How to optimise a PPC campaign for the best results..

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