6 tips on Setting your goals and sticking to them

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Setting your goals is easy, sticking to them and achieving them is much harder.  So why do some people fail and others succeed?

We have different motivations for setting goals.  to get fit, lose weight, get the project finished, run faster, further, for longer, become more organised, less cluttered, more healthy, less anxious.

So what differentiates success from failure?  I think it falls into 6 main points for success.  Follow these 6 points and see how you get on:

  • Self awareness: Monitoring how well you are doing on a regular basis such as tracking your run or your weight loss with an app that tracks your progress.
  • Understanding: Finding out as much as you can about the project, chance of success and failure.  Knowledge brings understanding and clarity in goal setting.
  • Belief:  How determined are you to succeed in your goal?  Do you really believe that you can succeed or is there a nagging doubt lurking in the back of your mind stopping you from believing yourself?
  • Uniqueness: Are you the only one to have achieved this goal? The first one to climb the mountain, or the highest, deepest, farthest. Setting a goal that is unique in some way may spur you on. Of course, if you have never ran before, or lost weight, then this could be your own unique goal
  • Gaming: is your goal part of a team goal? Are you an integral part of the team and your success leads to the whole teams success.  Often working together to achieve your goals can spur you on.
  • Visualisation: What does success loo like to you? Can you see it?  Imagine yourself completing your goal and remember the feeling.  It will spur you onwards.

When you get to your goal, celebrate your success.  Try not to set another goal more difficult than before. Take some time to bask in your success and revel in your achievement before setting your next milestone. Enjoy your success…

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Eileen is a social business strategist, ZDNet columnist and author of Working The Crowd: Social Media Marketing for Business. Contact her to find out how she can help your business extend its reach.