US leads the world in terms of Twitter users

Semiocast has been analysing which countries use Twitter the most. the US leads by a very long way with over 140 million users.

In June 2012 Semiocast listened to over a billion Tweets and worked out the location of users based on fields such as user profile, language, time zone and GPS co-ordinates.

The US now represents over 27 per cent of all Twitter users.  These users produced almost 26 per cent of the Twitter traffic.

Interesting that certain cities come out well individually. London is 3rd in the world by numbers of posted tweets. With 32.2 million user accounts, the UK is 4th in the worldwide table.

These numbers are not a true representation of all of the microblogging that happens in the world as Twitter, although world wide, is not the platform of choice in all countries.

In Taiwan, the preferred platform is plurk, with 37 per cent of all plurks coming from Taiwan. Qaiku is popular in Finland. Tebncent Weibo is popular in China (although Sina Weibo is the most popular site in china with over 30 per cent of internet users). Fafou is another Twitter clone.  Me2day is popular in South Korea.

But as the leader in Microblogging platforms – by a long stretch, Twitter is doing well with half a billion users. it won’t be long before it catches up with Facebook as it tries to reach a billion accounts in 2012.

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