Scheduling your posts on Facebook

There are new marketing tools that have been announced for Facebook.  Now you can schedule your posts on your page


Click on the clock in the bottom corner of the status update for the Page and add the Year, Month, day and hour. 


You can also add posts which only display to a certain segment of the audience for a Page.  For example, you might wish to target your campaign entirely at men. These posts would appear on the right hand side using the Graph API Developer Page.

This is an advanced marketing feature and it is obvious that Facebook are using this feature as an opportunity to generate revenue for status updates.  Currently you can update your status as often as you want at no cost.  With the ability to segment your status updates to make them visible to certain demographics, you can tarokoget your messages much more carefully. A clever move from Facebook.

Facebook has also given more granular permissions to Page admins.  This means that if you have a team of Admins, you can become much more specific about roles that you assign to other administrators of the site


The roles are cumulative – meaning that the Top role, Manager has every permission, whereas Content Creator, Moderator, Advertiser and insight Analyst have decreasing roles across the page.  This is really useful if you run a large team of Page administrators and you do not want everyone to have overarching permissions.

More information is over at the Facebook Developers page 


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