How to create lists in Twitter

I had a question from one of the attendees of my Introduction to Twitter course, so I thought I’d blog it to help others who might have the same question

How do you create lists?  I notice that some people are followed by 1000s of people how do you get to more than one person or do you have to write to them each separately?  It’s a shame none of my fellow Menta twitter participants aren’t out there tweeting, it’s great fun!

Well the answer is quite simple.  If you use Twitter, then the Lists option is here:


Click on the Lists link and sort your followers into Lists.

If you are using Tweetdeck, click on the + (Add column) sign at the top of the screen.

CLick on the second tab down which says Groups / Lists CLick on the button that says ‘New list’ and create your list:


You will find a similar way to do this in other Twitter clients such as Hootsuite or Seesmic

Start organising your Tweeps Smile


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