Tesco starts joining the dots with a co-ordinated YouTube strategy


The retail giant Tesco is tidying up its YouTube presence with a co-ordinated strategy across its social media channels. Tesco has several channels:

That’s a lot of fragmentation.  It is about time that Tesco co-ordinated its social activities. The plan is to integrate the content and re-launch the channel later this summer.  Tesco has hired digital agency Zone to work with it on the initiative.

Tesco already has a co-ordinated approach on Facebook with over 800,000 fans and 3.82 per cent engagement – a good level of engagement.  It runs games such as Delivery Dash and Speed Shopping, posts regular updates to encourage fan engagement. It has several Twitter accounts too  — although sometimes updates get hijacked by followers – such as the ‘slave labour claims’ earlier this year.

Perhaps Tesco could follow the example of the WWF, which has a great joined up social media story across its chosen channels, linking its world-wide subsidiaries together holistically.  It will be good to see whether Tesco manage to achieve something similar as it pulls its social strategy together.

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2 thoughts on “Tesco starts joining the dots with a co-ordinated YouTube strategy

  1. cyanlianas

    I’m no fan of Walmart corporation, but here in the states they have a rather unified online presence. During my trip to Europe back on 2007, I ran across only one Walmart in Hamburg and you could tell they were not the top dog in grocery chains. Do they even have a presence in the UK. Thanks for the post!

  2. eileenb Post author

    Wal-mart aquired Asda – the cheapest of the 4 big supermarket chains (Tesco, Sainsbury’s Waitrose and Asda).
    Tesco takes more cash off us than any other store. Currently £1 in every £7 spent in the UK is spent at Tesco. A staggering amount of revenue…
    Over here – lots of companies are still trying to get to grips with social media from a unfied point of view – we’re a bit behind the US still – despite my best efforts!
    Thanks for the comment:-)

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