Do you still hate IE?

Love it… From the Internet Explorer ‘browser your loved to hate’ site

So is it true? have you abandoned IE for Firefox or Chrome?  Did you try them and gone back to IE?

My browsers of choice:

  1. IE
  2. Firefox – when a web site just won’t run in IE
  3. Chrome  — if I absolutely have to…

I’m still loyal – no matter how hard it has sometimes been Disappointed smile

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2 thoughts on “Do you still hate IE?

  1. Alex Cheek

    Have to say been using IE9 for a couple of weeks now after living with Chrome for a couple of years and it’s a huge step forward over previous versions I’ve tried. Lean interface, stable and, above all else, *fast*. Speed is what got me using Chrome in the first place and it may be enough to keep me with IE for the time being.

    I never really hated IE as such, it was just a bad product so I didn’t use it. I did have my reservations, but IE9 didn’t take long to win me over.

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