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Advertisers continue to run campaigns on Facebook but GM pulls out

Creative agencies are all in agreement. Facebook is the place where they intend to run their advertising campaigns.

According to the All Facebook blog the graded results were:

    1. Facebook 85.1 per cent
    2. YouTube 44.8 per cent
    3. Twitter 39.1 per cent
    4. Google Plus 24.1 per cent
    5. LinkedIn 21.8 per cent
    6. None 10.3 per cent
    7. Foursquare 9.2 per cent
    8. Other 3.4 per cent
    9. MySpace 1.1 per cent
    10. Digg 0.0 per cent

Facebook has dominated social media advertising for some time and these figures are far ahead of YouTube.  The figures seem stable, as this eMarketer report from 2011 shows

Social Networks Used for Ad Campaigns by US Marketers/Agencies, May 2011 (% of respondents)

The eMarketer results show a preference for advertisers to show a broader social channel advertising spread with two and three channels used.  Interesting especially in the wake of the news that General Motors will stop advertising on Facebook due to disappointing results and no impact on customers. it paid $10 million to Facebook in 2011.

Ahead of Facebook’s IPO on Friday this could be bad news for the social networking site which is looking to raise an estimated $104 billion from its IPO

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