50 per cent of Facebook users go mobile

imageFacebook is responsible for some staggering usage numbers.  It is due to cross the billion user accounts milestone in summer, just after its IPO.  One billion users.  That is, one in seven of everyone across the world are on Facebook in some form or another.

And lots of us use Facebook from our mobile devices too.  488 million of Facebook users access the social network from our mobile device according to the socialbakers infographic on their blog.  Here are some more jaw dropping stats from the infographic:

  • Over 901 million active users log on to Facebook every month. That is user accounts, not brand pages.
  • 488 million users log on to Facebook from their mobile devices.  That is 54 per cent of the total number of Facebook users.  Of course, some users use Facebook from both a PC and a mobile device
  • Android and iPhone lead the stats for logging on to Facebook with 19 per cent penetration each. Blackberry is at eight per cent and iPad, five per cent, which is lower than i expected
  • Active feature phones get 17 per cent of the active users with ‘Others’ at 32 per cent
  • The US leads the way with mobile users.  It has almost 106 million out of 157 million active users.  This is followed by Indonesia with almost 29 million users out of a potential user base of 42 million, India at 23 million mobile users out of a total Facebook population of 46 million and the UK at almost 21 million mobile users out of 31 million Facebook accounts
  • However, in percentage terms, Nigeria leads the way with over 81 per cent of mobile users.  Singapore and Japan have an impressive 72 per cent each.  The rest of the world trails far behind…

Some impressive numbers, and certainly totals that will grow as Facebook turns into a commercial powerhouse after it floats.  Will be interesting to see the numbers 1 year down the line…

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