Air New Zealand putting challenge at 30,000ft

Are you bored when you fly long distance on planes?  Have a look at the latest promotion from Air New Zealand. 

It sponsored the PGA Pro-Am tournament and held a putting challenge whilst in the air.

As the plane flies nose up, you will need to know how to putt down hill, and I’m sure there were other challenges of getting the ball exactly down the aisle out of the way of feet, cushions, blankets  and bags.

The leaders seemed to deliver the putt quite a distance, achieving 23ft whilst in the air on 23rd and 24th March. Air New Zealand claimed that this promotion was the first of its kind.  It is probably right too.

But it’ not the only innovative idea that the marketing team have come up with. It surprised 60 diners in Melbourne with free flight tickets in November.

A great publicity generating idea for the brand Smile

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