Google’s patent filing gives us ultra targeted ads

Google has filed a patent giving it an insight to where we are when we use our mobile phones. 

Ear we go: Adverts could soon be produced according to environmental conditions such as background noise, if Google's patent becomes reality

According to the Mail, this technology could glean information from the background sounds in your environment and use this to deliver more targeted advertising to you

The patent ‘describes using ‘temperature, humidity, light and air composition’ to produced targeted adverts’.  There are some huge possibilities here for advertisers if Google decides to go ahead and develop a sensor from this…

One one hand this could really benefit consumers.  They get ultra targeted ads, relevant to the time of day, weather, humidity, or local conditions.  It could be an ad mans dream.  But there could be other, less desirable outcomes…

According to Ofcom, 22 per cent of adults and 47 per cent of teenagers use our phones in the bathroom. Goodness only knows what sort of ads Google would be sending us based on the data it gathers there…

Certainly one to watch – when – or if it ever makes it off the drawing (patent) board…

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2 thoughts on “Google’s patent filing gives us ultra targeted ads

  1. GeekOrbit

    It has been this way for the Google search results for long so not surprised it’s slowly entering the ad space as well. Privacy decreasing by the minute in all this though, not sure yet how I think about all this.

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