Candid camera captures attention in ‘Red Button’ square

Candid camera videos showing ordinary folks reacting to extraordinary events are some of the best videos on YouTube.  Have a look at this one from a Belgian TV company.

They put a big red button in the middle of an ordinary Flemish square, with a sign that read ‘push  here for drama’.  See what happens when the button is pushed.


It certainly captured the attention of the people in the square – and awareness of the brand certainly rose due to the video which has been viewed almost 30 million times.

Wouldn’t you like it if your brand name got the same amount of attention and shares?  You do not need to have the budget that this TV company has, a simple, hand held camera can achieve the same effect.

The talking dog tease video is testament to that.  All you need is a great idea, impact and something quirky to engage the audience.

…and a video camera too …

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