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LinkedIn users love groups and people they may know


Here are some interesting facts about LinkedIn uncovered and made into an infographic by Wayne Breitbarth.  He surveyed 300 people in the US over a month and came up with a great infographic…


-90.9% of those surveyed use the free version of LinkedIn

– 51.6% of respondents had 200 or less contacts whilst 5.1% of participants had over 1000 connections on LinkedIn

-48.1% of profiles are incomplete – so they are missing out on being found in search results and taking advantage of some of LinkedIn’s advanced features

54.7% of respondents were members of 10 or more groups

– 10.5% of people were spending more than 8 hours a week on LinkedIn.

How much time do you invest in LinkedIn?

76.9% found it helpful for research about companies and people

– 68.6% commented that it was helpful to reconnect with people

– 49.7% stated that it helped them build new relationships with people who may influence new customers

– 44.5% said it helped them be more effective in face to face networking

– and 38.3% said LinkedIn helped them uncover potential opportunities.

Favourite Features?

79% love Groups

– 70.6% searching for people

– 66.6% people you may know suggestions

In todays turbulent job market, we move roles regularly. LinkedIn keeps you in contact with the person – no matter how many new work email addresses and mobile phone numbers they happen to have.  For this, as well as being able to keep in touch with connections through sharing and status updates are what makes it an imperative business tool for the professional worker.  It’s much more than an online repository for your CV.  Its now a vital business tool to keep you connected.

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Credit: TheSeafarer