Daily Archives: March 2, 2012

Augmented reality mirror could enhance your social shopping

Microsoft Research has released a video with what it calls the ‘Holoflector’.  This mirror allows you to interact with virtual objects using the Kinect interface.

Imagine the opportunities for social shopping.  Through a social tool such as Xbox Kinect, you could connect with your favourite store online, try on clothes, wander around furniture in your newly developed lounge, or interact with online objects in a whole new way.

The e-commerce experience will become much more immersive than previous augmented reality experiments.  Now, you can interact with the brand at home, just as Blippar lets you get extra information from TV adverts, then this app, when fully developed and commercially available will let you do all this from the comfort of your own home.

Other innovations from Microsoft research are in use in our daily lives now.  The ability to rotate our phone to portrait and landscape mode, touch screens to interact with devices, Screens that recognise objects placed on them (Microsoft Surface.

Now kinect has changed the way that you control game play.  And it will soon change the way we do our social shopping online

Mirror, mirror on the wall, I want to try clothes on from the mall

Now anything is possible…


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