Women asking for violence on Twitter: Chatting to friends or gross stupidity?

Twitter throws up some sad reflections on society.  This one is about domestic violence.  But the worst thing is that the tweeters were ENCOURAGING it.

Chris Brown appeared at the Grammys last night, 3 years after he was arrested for domestic abuse allegations against Rhianna, his girlfriend at the time.

But the comments on Twitter about him just beggared belief.  Here’s a link from Buzzfeed with several unbelievable tweets whilst the show was airing, plus a couple I saw from Toney and kmoney saying the same sort of thing..



I’m baffled.


There is enough domestic violence and abuse going on already.  Why on earth would a woman publicly ask for a beating? What is going on?

Twitter seems intimate enough when you’re chatting to your friends from your mobile device or iPad.  This sense of ‘intimacy’ might make us share more than we intended to.  What seems like an ‘in joke’ between friends can be taken totally out of context in an unemotional Twitter search.

Perhaps we need to re-educate Twitter users on the reach of the product.  This is not secure BlackBerry Messaging.  This is an open platform that can be read by anyone. 

Perhaps this in naivety, perhaps it is innocence.  Perhaps we need to spend time responding to the originator of the messages and remind them that what they say stays on the Internet… somewhere….


They might one day regret their boasts…

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