Shortland Street Facebook fling with TV show stars

We use social media more and more to engage in real time with our virtual friends who are watching the same TVP program.  We follow the hashtag as the show airs, pitching in with our own comments and suggestions about the show.

The series ends and we become bereft.

New Zealand TV show Shortland Street has found a way to keep fans engaged when the show is off air.  Fans of the show could have an on-going relationship on Facebook, watching the video and connecting with one of two of the members of the cast.

You could sign up for information, get messages about the character, some personalised to you, to keep you going whilst the show was off air.

The idea was intended to get fans to keep in touch with the characters they love.

The campaign started with a TV advert to raise awareness followed by flirty personal messages to keep engagement high whilst the show was off air..

This is a great way to ensure continued engagement through social media and to prevent fans moving to competitors channels.  It keeps conversation high during lulls in the outbound communication  and is a great way to continue to increase the fan base through the new channels.

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