Our wandering Facebook eyes – where they really go

Now that Facebook has launched the new Timeline feature its time to take a look at how effective it is. It has to be visually appealing to us as users, and also to advertisers who will be negatively impacted if the number of click throughs goes down.  if click throughs go down, then less advertising revenue will be generated by Facebook. 

So Facebook has a vested interest in making sure that we see the right parts of the screen. And here is the results of that new design.

Visual Attention Level - Facebook Timeline vs. Old Profiles

The order in which we look at things in Facebook has changed too…

Web Page Fixation Order - Facebook Timeline vs. Old Profiles

Now sponsored ads are in position four.  Before that they were in position 7.  We are much more likely to see ads.  The ads are more likely to be successful..

So if you have a page that you want to get noticed make sure that you:

Have a great cover image.  This is where the eyes go to first.

Make sure you have a compelling profile image, and your personal information is up to date

Make the personal information compelling

Have links to great content and use good stories in your own posts.

Try to keep the eyes on the parts of the content you want others to see

Facebook has tried to simplify its Timeline and keep the design clear and clean.  Lets see whether it changes ad revenues in the right direction…

Image credits from the socialble blog

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