Appreciate and value your high performing teams


imageIt seems really logical.  If you appreciate someone they will perform better for you.  In sport, business and in personal relationships, positive affirmation bring great returns.

If you care about someone, and show that you care, then that person demonstrates this at work

Towers Watson asked the question: do you believe that you can positively impact the quality of an organisations products and services?

88% of engaged employees said yes, but only 33% of disengaged employees said yes


Positive feedback and encouragement works in an organisation and it’s really important to do this if you’re trying to change corporate culture.

Leading respectfully means empowering and recognising the achievements of the team.  Demonstrating respect gives teams a great boost. 

The Harvard Business review sums the positive feedback loop into 4 points:

  1. Do no harm
  2. Practice appreciation by starting with yourself
  3. Make it a priority to notice what others are doing right
  4. Be appreciative

I’d add a 5th point here… Pay it forward.

If someone lets you know how much they appreciate you, remember how that feels.  Remember how much more energised you felt.

Now go and pass that good feeling on to someone else in the workplace.  A kind word, even a ‘Thank You’ will make someone’s day. 

And hopefully they will pay it forward and make someone else’s working day just that little bit more bearable…

Credit: Enokson

Eileen is a social business strategist, ZDNet columnist and author of Working The Crowd: Social Media Marketing for Business. Contact her to find out how she can help your business extend its reach.