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Does Facebook peer influence really work?


Is Facebook really the be all and end all of social marketing? 

Is peer influence all that it’s cracked up to be?

Is interaction and friendship forming about learning about things that really don’t interest us?  Is it a numbers game about getting likes, followers and +1’s.  Peer influence tends to move along channels of similar interest.  You are more likely to buy some wine if you know that the person you follow or are friends with, is also interested and knowledgeable on wine.

If you write boring stuff, you will get unfriended.

If you spam your users with useless posts, you’ll get unfriended.

If you lurk silently and don’t contribute to the conversation, you’ll get unfriended..

You are less likely to be influenced by people with different interests to you – no matter what they say on Facebook.  Peer influencers want to have an emotional connection to the brands they follow

As a brand, you will need to create influencer programs, and offer incentives to your influencers. You need to find your social network influencers and you need to scale your online network in other ways than just on Facebook. 

It’s not about Google+ either. Or Twitter. Or YouTube. It’s not about brands either. It’s about people. People want to interact with people, with the same interests and same goals as them.

If you can achieve this – you’re an influencer- whatever your job title may be.  And you’ll be an influencer on whatever social platform you happen to use…

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