Coca cola target figure conscious women with patterned cans and cosmetics

Diet coke are rolling out a campaign targeting women and encouraging them to ‘get glam’.

Diet Coke Gets Glam With Hip New Cans

(Image credit Huffington post)

Their cans, on sale in the UK and Ireland are designed specifically to target the female market.  The ‘Get glam’ campaign runs in conjunction with the UK cosmetics company Benefit and there’s a  ‘Get Glam’ Facebook application.

But does this type of campaign work?

Does advertising a brand, consumed by both sexes specifically work when targeted to women?

Does the design patronise or inspire?

Does the Facebook app turn you off or on?

Does it make Diet Coke a social brand or does it turn fans away?

I’m not sure I’ll be searching out the special cans in the supermarket, after all the contents of the can are the same, as is the price.  Will I appear more cool, romantic or rock chick by drinking out of this can?

I don’t think so.   I’ll drink my cola out of a glass – as usual…

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