Blogging in 2011.. Year in Review


Looking back over my posts this year have made me reflect on some of my posts.  I’ve posted to this blog 236 times which is quite impressive.  I’ve obviously got a lot to say.

I’ve uncovered some interesting pointers with the things people search for too.  Sweet kittens, kitteh and funny hamsters all appear on my search stats.  But there are valid posts too.  For example:

Phone scamming is still pervasive se people search for scammers and other calls claiming that your computer has malware

How to cope in corporate environments also seems to be a key topic, with posts on corporate culture and how to change corporate culture

Several social media posts popped up on the list too, such as crisis management, writing your social media strategy and understanding your social ROI

It’s not only posts written this year that are discovered by searches.  Posts I’d written when I was at Microsoft, such as the missing Drafts folder in Outlook 2007 found with MFCMAPI (from January 2009) and importing Outlook into Windows Live Calendar (from April 2007) still turn up in my weekly stats report.

And on the personal side, my post about Johari Windows, written over 2 years ago now, still gets its fair share of views amongst the posts about leadership, social business, and cool technology features.

Reflecting on 2011 has given me some great ideas what to talk about for 2012.  I’m fired up and ready for 2012 to get going

I hope that you all have a very happy, and successful New Year with no bloggers block in sight!  Smile

Eileen is a social business strategist, ZDNet columnist and author of Working The Crowd: Social Media Marketing for Business. Contact her to find out how she can help your business extend its reach.

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