Digg loses popularity contest to Reddit

Google Trends shows an interesting decline in the popularity of Digg over the last few years:


Graph from Google Trends

Digg was redesigned recently but I don’t think that the design was entirely down to the new interface.  I think that Digg was already starting to decline and reddit (and stumbleupon) started to take advantage

The linear voting system at Digg was often accused of vote rigging, where like minded members of the community banded together to vote up articles.  The algorithm has changed to avoid the mob mentality of previous Digg implementations

There was no decent Android app for Digg compared to Reddit which has several apps for both Android and iOS

Digg might have grown too big to be Agile. Digg refocused, laying off 37% of staff in October 2010

Digg wasn’t flexible to change with the times compared to Reddit.  In October, the front page was archived to give a clearer page view

I think business agility is key to keeping ahead as social behaviour changes.  Having an effective presence across PC’s tablets and mobile devices keeps your business on all devices.  Having the ability to deliver compelling and interactive applications as the market moves requires dynamism and flexibility.

Facebook have shown that even with a user base of over 800 million, they can still be flexible.  They have changed their security, privacy and user interface several times since Google + was launched in June.  Digg should have taken action earlier – as Reddit started it’s rise. 

But now, it looks like Digg is going the same way as MySpace…and other shiny new things that have lost their lustre…

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