Facebook increases character limits to enable longer status updates

Facebook recently announced that they were increasing their character limit on status updates from 5000 characters to a "nerdy" 63,206 characters.  This means that brands will be able to post far more information to Facebook without using 3rd party applications such as Networked blogs or by linking to information stored elsewhere.

Google + posts are limited to around 100,000 characters, so Facebook have upped their status update limit to allow people to write just about what they want to (Working The Crowd has about 377,000 characters  – so I could get it into 6 Facebook updates if I wanted to.. ).

Facebook removed the ability to syndicate  something to your page or profile using Notes in October so this increase in character limit makes sense.  Brands can now post items directly onto Facebook which gives the post more EdgeRank.  Everything in Facebook is called an Object, and when a user interacts with the object then an Edge is created.  Some Facebook Edges have more value than others.  Writing your own post has more value to Facebook than posting via an application such as Twitter, Foursquare or a blog post through Network blogs.

Posting Facebook updates directly into Facebook gives Facebook direct access to a huge amount of information.  They can mine this information and use it to give you more accurately targeted adverts.  They can add to their already huge amount of data in a way that Google+ can’t match at the moment.

But for brands who want to get noticed, posting direct updates onto Facebook — and getting those posts shared will ensure longevity of the posts, and more potential views in a way that links and short updates just can’t do.

So this is a win win for both — brands and Facebook.  And an opportunity for any budding authors out there to publish their stories to their Facebook friends, followers and subscribers.

The challenge now is getting the posts read – all the way to the end…

Eileen is a social business strategist and author of Working The Crowd: Social Media Marketing for Business. Contact her to find out how she can help your business extend its reach.


2 thoughts on “Facebook increases character limits to enable longer status updates

  1. Alfrescow

    That is a huge amount of data for the casual observer in Facebook to read, in theory it sounds great, but realistically most users already have so much to look at on Facebook, pop ups with people online chatting, new updates, photo tagging. I’d compare this to trying to study for an exam whilst listening to Metallica. Whilst some will be happy too. I suspect most won’t

    1. eileenb Post author

      I agree – and I think it’s a way to encourage folks to blog using status updates – so that folks can subscribe using the new RSS feed feature coming up. It also offers flexibility to wax lyrical – just like Google +

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