Facebook Page changes: Encouraging engagement and page impact

There are some interesting things happening to Facebook pages that might affect you if you administer any Pages for others or for your own business:


Here’s a summary of some of the key additions and removals from Facebook Pages coming this quarter:

People talking about this.  This is a new number  for insights which is is a total of your Reach comments and shares, displayed for everyone to see when they visit the page..

Longer shelf life for posts.  If you post an update on your business page, and someone with 150 friends comments on it 3 days later you’re in luck.  Their comment will appear on their personal profile ticker – and all 150 friends could see your original post.  Great for longevity.  Try to get fans to comment to ensure your posts last longer..

Reach:  Your friends and their friends – which is your potential reach metrics if you can provide compelling content.  It’s a bit like the 2nd degree connection in LinkedIn.  You can get some idea of their ages and sex so you can target them more effectively



Facebook is removing:

Notes.  If you;re syndicating your blog posts onto your business page using the import feature in Notes, then you’ll need to find another way to do this.

FBML (Facebook Markup Language).  It’s now ok to use ordinary HTML now – and use a secure server to host the HTML pages onto…

Reviews: Discontinued in October

Hat tip to the Pagemodo blog for the reminder…

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