John Lewis Christmas advert tugs at heartstrings and connects with customers

Some adverts really resonate with their audience, some adverts slip by un notices.  once in a while an advert appears to get people talking about it and this advert has certainly done that.  This years John Lewis advert differs from the bright jingly, synthetic jovial Christmas adverts and tugs at our emotions.  have a look:

7 year old Lewis McGowan in his first acting part steals the show with his facial expressions and anticipation of the arrival of Christmas morning.  He makes you smile wistfully, and wish that your own kids behave like that on Christmas morning.  The production, it’s more than just an advert cost the company £6 million to create – but according to John Lewis, they get back in sales £4 for every £1 spent.  That’s a great return on investment for a combined channel media campaign (it was released on YouTube before it was aired on TV and quickly became a trending topic on Twitter). 

But the real measure of it’s success must be the spoof videos and imitations that have sprung up since the video was released, one with music from the Shining, another from the film Seven.  Spawning imitations this quickly after the authentic video brings more and more views of the real advert as people search for the source and share it.

Of course some people hate it.  After all, it’s just a way to get you to purchase things online, or from in the store.  But for every detractor, there are fans who love it and want to share it with their network.  This is where social sharing has a large part to play too.  The YouTube statistics are impressive enough with massive amounts of referrals from both Twitter and Facebook kick starting the campaign ..


Friends have shared this over 202,637 times by the end of last week according to Campaign which demonstrates how effective good virals can be.

And if this years advert turns out to be as successful as previous returns on advertising revenue, then John Lewis will be smiling all the way to the bank…

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2 thoughts on “John Lewis Christmas advert tugs at heartstrings and connects with customers

  1. James

    To give you some idea of the impact , the music is currently no 31 in Amazon’s MP3 chart and no 5 in their indie and alternative chart. (I haven’t been tracking it , but your chart suggests it has passed it’s peak , so it may have been higher).

    And before you ask, Guilty as charged 🙂

  2. eileenb Post author

    there might be signs too that it will grow as we get properly into the Christmas spirit – asw John Lewis ups its advertising schedule…

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